Functional Art, Handmade, custom furniture and lamps that tell stories and touch people’s lives

"I’m deeply impressed by the fact that something I create lives another life in someone else's physical space"


AN Concept is an experimental creative studio that combines art, technology and furniture design to create one-of-a-kind functional sculptures that each tell a story. Their work invites viewers to embark on a journey through imaginative worlds sparked by the unique materials they use.

Alper Nakri : Growing up, I used to build toys like swords and trains with the neighborhood carpenter's leftover wood at our summer house in Buyukada, Istanbul.

I have always been destined to ‘create’. I worked as a freelance graphic design director for global clients such as National Geographic and Discovery Channel. I was nominated for an Emmy Award for one of my works for History Channel. Shortly after that, I was honored to be ‘a role model and an inspirational leader’ by ‘Bugun Gunlerden Yarin’ (‘Today Is Tomorrow’) initiative and delivered a motivational speech for 800 college students. In the same year, I received ‘Best Motion Graphics Award’ with my team in Adobe Creative Jam. Recently honored by American society of interior Designers  Best Innovative Lighting Design.

Aside from my motion graphics design career, I always loved making things by hand. There is an incomparable sense of pride that comes with it. With that perspective, I created my first brand ‘The Lamps’ with custom designed handmade furniture uniquely made in my studio. In 2015, I was featured in Elle Decoration Magazine as one of the ’10 designers that shape the future’.

Thanks to my involvement in the entertainment industry and my natural born curiosity to discover, I get to travel around the world. Each trip inspired me in a unique way and helped me shape my style and technique.

I’m deeply impressed by the fact that something I create lives another life in someone else's physical space. That feeling helped me figure out that making things is my vehicle to contact and connect with people. My creations are my statements.

Today, I’ve been working in my own studio AN Los Angeles, designing custom furniture that tells stories and touches people’s lives.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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