A Sense of Balance

A Sense of Balance

A Sense of Balance is a collection of five lighting pieces. Series questions rules of physics 


Concept Statement: Illusion seems to be the only thing that stops you from going completely nuts. Just tuning in on the right vibration and channel, it creates the personal-reality of—“yes, impossible is possible”. Or vice versa, “what’s possible is not even real.” Well, we all do that because that’s how we're designed as humans. A world of make-believers. “60 Degree Sense of Balance” celebrates this human insight by breaking some rules of physics while creating a brilliant and bright illusion. So, it can remind us how right amount of balance enables us to alter our perceptions and leave us in awe. 

This is a pendant with a LED light that suspend in balance on a 30-degree angle which parallels to the human eye. The fixture is suspended on a single steel wire (low voltage electricity go thru) balanced with counter balance steel.

Dimensions: Height: 4,5 cm Width: 9cm Length: 63 cm   Materials: Stainless Steel wire, Walnuts, 800 lumen LED’s, Still block (black anodized). Manufacturing Processes: Wood and Metalworking