Un/raw is a series of lighting sculptures that harmoniously combine organic and mechanical forms. Natural elements the fruit of millions of years of Earth’s evolution nestle gracefully within precision modern materials. The result creates intriguing narratives which illuminate our perception of time.


385 million years ago, Mother Nature gave us the very first tree.
It appeared in a place we now call New York State

While our ancestors were just adapting to walk on land.

Since then, the earth has revolved on its axis 140 Trillion times.
In the light of day, the tree grew, evolved, spread, and flourished.
In the dark of night, we sought our own illumination.

25 Million years ago we were apes living in what is now Tanzania.

400,000 years ago, we began to control fire.

100,000 years ago, we started to move outside of Africa.

50,000 years ago, we developed a capacity for language.

9,000 years ago, we started to use copper.

5,000 years ago, we produced first brass-made objects in Babylonia.

141 years ago, we invented the light bulb.

57 years ago, we developed the first LED.

We’ve come a long, long way…
Today we embrace

The shape of time

The design of cycles

And the revolution of light.